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FUNK’S Printable Planet:   a few DECADES of hard work & dedication FUELED BY a PASSION for helping others pursue their DreaMs and PRINTING coming together!  

                                                                                                                                                 -"official" SINCE 2011

We at Funk's Printable Planet have a passion for bringing your passion to life.  We all love the world of art and design, branding, strategy & merchandising, and giving back!  They say it isn't work if you enjoy bring it on!  We are here to help bring your ideas to life as well as figure out how to get you the best bang for your buck! 

The Founder, and our namesake, Mr. Ryan Funk, (aka: "Funk"), aimed to create a way to bring an in-house print shop to life with family values and a team of likeminded individuals that believe in the motto, "if you succeed, I succeed!".  As a devoted single father born & raised in Austin, TX, he originally started his business as “Stickers and Stuff by FUNK” in their one-bedroom apartment with a Cricut machine in the “Dining room”.  Building from there, he has gathered an immense amount of priceless hands-on experience, and a great group of people along the way.  Always striving to do more and do it better, please know that we are here to take care of you and your printing needs as if you were part of our family. Nothing is more important to us. 

Funk's Printable Planet is your one stop shop for all your design & printing needs.   Our vertical approach to how utilizing what we have to offer can boost your branding & strategy to the next level and will let you focus more of your time on your other business needs.  We specialize in working with bands, festivals, event planners, new brands, artists, and charities alike.  However, we don't stop there and all are welcome!  Where there's a will, there's a way, we say! 

If you have a vision or a printing need, feel free to reach out and we wont miss a detail! 

All your business is deeply appreciated and 10% of all profits go to a nonprofit that aims on fundraising for local charities as they need. This way, we are helping as many causes as we can while doing what we love.






"Thank you for the support and attention to detail! I absolutely love the products and look forward to working with your team again!"

                                 - Amy Hough @ Nourish                                              Healing Collective

"The quality was just what I was looking for. The customer service alone has made me a repeat customer! "             -Stephanie Waller

"Funk and his team were such a joy to work with. I never thought choosing how to merchandise and getting my designs printed could be so much fun! And informative! Thank you FUNK'SPrintablePlanet!"

                                     -Jorden @ GardensGG

"Our band sold out of our merch from you guys! Thanks again! We will be back next tour for sure!"                                        -IUM

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